The State of Mick Jagger’s Manhood, Tiny Todger Saga

Mick Jagger (1976)

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One of the most ridiculous things ever to grace rock n roll, the speculation over the size of Mick Jagger’s manhood has been a hotly discussed topic all over the internet for over a decade.

The topic was brought up in 2007 when ex-lover of Jagger, Janice Dickinson made a joke about Micks’ manhood calling it a “little willy” during an appearance on the TV show Jonathon Ross. Speculation was further fuelled by a friend of Jagger, movie director Julien Temple who claimed Jagger “used bees to enlarge his manhood”.

Keith Richards, guitarist for The Rolling Stones weighed in on the topic & caused controversy when he shared his view on his bandmate’s manhood in his 2010 autobiography Life saying “Marianne Faithfull had no fun with his tiny todger. I know he’s got an enormous pair of balls, but it doesn’t quite fill the gap.”.

The ex-wife of Jagger Jerry Hall who was married to him for 23 years was quick to denounce the claims by saying “Keith has penis envy. There’s not an ounce of truth in it. They’re always s**gging each other off. They’re like adolescents. It was particularly marked when Mick and I first got together because Mick gave up drugs for me and Keith hated that. But they need each other.”.

Next, in 2011 the woman Keith claimed had had no fun with Jagger’s tiny member, Marianne Faithfull who dated the singer from 1966 to 1970 offered her opinion stating “Not quite, but nearly.”.

The revelation in Richards’ book caused a rift between Jagger & Richards which went on for a couple of years & there were rumours it was getting in the way of the band touring. Who knows if any of this was the case.

2012 and Pete Townsend of the band The WHO revealed at a press conference “What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger’s penis – I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty.”. This was further backed up when the guitarist’s autobiography Who I Am was released in 2013 which mentions Jagger being “very well endowed” & that his manhood is “long and plump”. Is Pete Townshend merely doing a friend a solid by claiming the exact opposite of Richards? Who knows!

Richards eventually apologised in order to smooth things over but later said in an interview “We resolved it, in our own way, you know. I said I regret if I caused you any, you know, inconvenience or pain, or something. I’d say anything to get the band together, you know? I’d lie to my mother.”.

So what we have here is basically a 50/50 split with one side claiming small & the other claiming huge.

More recently in 2016, Keith opened his mouth yet again in a Wall Street Journal Magazine interview this time saying “Mick’s a randy old bastard,”. Continuing with “It’s time for the snip – you can’t be a father at that age. Those poor kids!”.

Again Richards apologised. It’s perhaps time for Richards to leave his lifelong friend & bandmate’s appendage alone.

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