Shirley Manson loses her temper with member of audience at show

Garbage Rockavaria 2016 (4 von 8)

Even the coolest of Females in the music industry can lose their shit in the right circumstances. In this clip a cowardly member of the audience is spitting on Shirley Manson repeatedly. We can’t exactly call it a fan because what fan would behave like that? This “guy” must really despise her to have paid money for the show and then worked “his” way to the front of the audience in order to spit at her!

Garbage LIVE Spitting Incident - Wiesen, Austria 2005-07-16

If you want to follow along here’s the dialogue,

I’ve got one more story to tell and I hope that’s not somebody spitting on me. Cos if I find out that somebody is spitting on me, you have no idea what I’m gonna get happen to you. Cos first of all I’m gonna ask the crowd to tell me who’s spittin’ on me, what normally happens is they’d clear off and leave you by yourself, and then I get all these men, including my own f**king crew, to find you, take you outside, f**k you up like you have never been fucked up before!

Ok, so here’s my crew! Please step aside from the person next to you spitting on me, cos I’m gonna get you motherf**kin fucked up! Get the f**k everybody .If you’ve seen somebody fucking spitting on me, I want you to move away from the motherf**ker who did it because boy you’re gonna f**kin start speakin out right about now… Did you f**kin spit on me motherf**ker? You? I bet you don’t feel so f**king big right now boy! I bet you’re f**king pissin’ in your pants right now! Ok “wearing the scarf” in front of me! Ok, see that man in the red sweat shirt? I want him f**kin out of here right the f**k now. Right the fuck now! Good luck brother may god be with you!

Don’t ever f**kin spit at me in my own F**KING STAGE! It’s been a long time since that kind of drama has occurred, right? Alright, business as usual, of course. Like I can tolerate just about anything, but I can’t tolerate somebody f**kin spitting gob on me. We don’t do that in Scotland, it’s not considered good manners.

I’m sorry for losing my shit.

Ouch! Who would want to be on the receiving end of that?!

If you’re hungry for more here she is again delivering a similar warning to unruly members of the audience.

Shirley Manson gets angry

One more for good measure. Here’s Shirley relaying a similar message using a more calm approach but with the same warning. That warning is if you throw stuff at her she will find you and then she might just have to get you f**ked up! You have been warned people!

Shirley Manson from Garbage lectures an idiot in the crowd, Monterrey

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