Therapy? Best Songs from studio albums 1990 – 2000

Therapy? playing an acoustic set at Beautiful Days festival 2017

Today we’re taking a look at Therapy? This is the song choices from the 5 full length studio releases between 1990 – 2000. Therapy? Have 13 full-length Studio albums altogether.

While I’ve tried to keep the quality of the music pretty consistent I am aware that Therapy? have their own youtube channel so have tried to incorporate what I can from there in order to support their channel. There’s no actual videos on this page as they are only embedded when you click on them in order to speed the site up. I’ve split this up into 3 parts because it was a little long for a single page.

Therapy? are an alternative metal band from Northern Ireland formed in 1989.

If you want to read more about the history of the band look here Wikipedia Article.

If the videos don’t load for you the playlist is here.

Nurse (1992)

Therapy?’s first major label album. The songs which resemble some kind of industrial nu-metal dance music nuance never really grabbed me because because I don’t really like continuous repetition, especially when it’s just repeating the same phrase over & over again and there’s no substance, what’s the point? The song Hypermania on this album is a is an example of this.

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Troublegum (1994)

Therapy?’s second major label album. Did it ever get better than this? This is the album that took Therapy? from being a band with a small Cult following in the UK to a band with International success.

My 1st choice here is a pretty obvious one even though it was released a year before Screamager found its permanent home on Troublegum. “Nowhere” immediately stood out to me just from the opening guitar riff, that sound was one I started referring to as the “Therapy? sound” and there were a few variations of this sound that also fit this recipe. 12 seconds into Screamager, 14 seconds into “Brainsaw” is another. Does anybody get what I’m referring to? Just these riffs on their own and you would instantly know it was Therapy? you were hearing. There’s only 2 songs on this album I would consider skipping on and those are “Turn” & “Unbeliever”.

Therapy?-Screamager (Official promo) 1993
Stop It You're Killing Me
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Infernal Love (1995)

Therapy?’s third major label album. The highly anticipated follow up to Troublegum. This album split critics & listeners alike bringing grandiose style rock ballads to the table.. This was major change of direction for the band at a time when everybody wanted the 2nd Troublegum. The album is somewhat of a mishmash of styles & I think the biggest error was putting the 3 ballady type songs so early into the album one after the next. You can actually make this album better just by rearranging the track order.

My 1st pick is “Stories” which I didn’t rate all that much till I heard a live version from the Mandela hall in belfast in 2003 where it receives the kick up the arse it needs. “Misery” is one which upon hearing I thought “Why couldn’t more of the album been like this?”.

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Semi-Detached (1998)

Therapy?’s fourth major label album. The 1st album since the departure of Drummer & founding member Fyfe Ewing and also the 1st to feature Martin McCarrick as a full time member of the band. He had previously performed Cello duties on Troublegum & Infernal Love but now doubled up as a 2nd guitarist & backing vocalist. The result of this was a much more filled out dynamic sound with lots of riffs over power chords with the odd Thin Lizzy style dual guitar harmony here & there. The album didn’t get a US release but still sold well. The lack of a US release might explain why it’s missing from many music services today like Spotify.

One of my favorite albums and in my view there isn’t a dud song on it apart from “Tramlines”. When it was released I joined the local library in order to take it out (I know, funny right?! No Streaming services back then). On “Lonely Cryin Only” there’s an amusing answering machine message at the beginning “Leave a message, or leave me alone”. This immediately became my default voicemail message for years. Didn’t go down too well with employers and a new girlfriend once left a message simply saying “Charming!” before hanging up.

Best Of 90's - 1Album/1Song - Therapy? Semi-Detached/Heaven s Gate
Therapy?-Lonely Cryin Only (Official Promo 1998)
Therapy? - Stay Happy
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Suicide Pact – You First (1999)

Therapy?’s fifth full-length album. After Semi-Detached was released their record label folded leaving the band up sh*t creek, label-less and near broke. This is an album made by a band with nothing left to lose. While most people dismissed this album or weren’t even aware of it due to a lack of promotion there is still enough on here for the average Therapy? fan to enjoy. If you like the Infernal Love album you will probably like my choices below. As a long time fan I perceive this album as having somewhat of a cult following along with their 1st 2 Mini-Albums.

A lot of the time with albums you’ll find the album title as a song on the album. Therapy? are hit & miss with this, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Where you will find it mentioned though is in “Little Tongues First”. “Ten Year Plan” is an instant classic & the bridge section rocks out like a mofo with some fine electric Cello playing that could easily me mistaken for a guitar solo.

Little Tongues First
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Band-New album CLEAVE came out 21/09/2018!

If you want to know more about Therapy? You can visit their Website here.

That’s it for the 1st part of the best Therapy? songs list.

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