Therapy? Best Songs from studio albums 2010 – 2018

Therapy? playing an acoustic set at Beautiful Days festival 2017

Today we’re taking a look at Therapy? This is the song choices from the 2 (soon to be 3) full length studio releases between 2010 – 2018. Therapy? Have 13 full-length Studio albums altogether.

While I’ve tried to keep the quality of the music pretty consistent I am aware that Therapy? have their own YouTube channel so have tried to incorporate what I can from there in order to support their channel. There’s no actual videos on this page as they are only embedded when you click on them in order to speed the site up. I’ve split this up into 3 parts because it was a little long for a single page.

Therapy? are an alternative metal band from Northern Ireland formed in 1989.

If you want to read more about the history of the band look here Wikipedia Article.

A Brief Crack of Light (2012)

Therapy?’s eleventh full-length studio album. Never a Band to be tied down by any particular formula, This album brings about a host of experimentation with various effects & samples. More on the Industrial side of things sound wise. 1st time use of the Vocoder on “Before You, With You, After You” which is bordering on sounding like Blink 182 (Maybe that’s just me who thinks that). As expected you’ll find typically weird lyrics such as “Time speeds up, I get older, get your dead hand off my shoulder” & “It’s not my job to see the funny side, But with a gun in your mouth It’s difficult to sing in tune” one can only wonder where he comes up with this nonsense from.

Therapy?-Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing (Official Promo)
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Disquiet (2015)

Therapy?’s twelfth full-length studio album. As rotten luck would have it their record company shut down leaving them without a label again & delaying the release by almost a year. I hear a lot of references to earlier albums on this and it’s somewhat of a return to their roots. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to this the 1st time as there was a lot that immediately flicked that repeat switch. For a band many have assumed to be defunct or done many times over the years they continue to prove everybody wrong by cranking the dial even further than the last time. Looking at the track listing the 1st thing anybody notices is the title “Vulgar Display of Powder” which is a play on the famous Pantera album name.

As for a favourite on this album I would say “Torment Sorrow Misery Strife” hits the nail on the head and is honestly some of the best Therapy? music I’ve heard for years. The riff on “Deathstimate” is Corrosion of Conformity heavy. When listening to it I was thinking to myself “This is heavy as Sh*t!”.

Therapy? - Still Hurts (Official Video)
Therapy? - Torment Sorrow Misery Strife
Therapy? - Deathstimate (Official Video)
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CLEAVE (2018)

Therapy?’s thirtieth full-length studio album. Cleave Album Review & Info.

Therapy? - Callow (official promo video)

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If you want to know more about Therapy? You can visit their Website here.

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