Times when people messed with Josh Homme while performing

Josh Homme 2003
CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23345578

Today we’re taking a look at a few times Josh Homme has lost his cool while on stage.

This 1st incident took place at the Norwegian Wood festival in 2008 in Norway. Some kid in the audience threw something at Josh & to say Josh wasn’t amused is an understatement. Josh Homme, who wasn’t very well at the time & is running a fever is still willing to kick the kids ass & requests for the kid to be held up so he can kick him in the f-ing face..

Josh Homme's outburst @ Norwegian Wood 08.

Next we have the shoe incident. Some drunk guy throws his shoe at Josh while he’s playing Little Sister at a show in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2008. This is the incident & aftermath..

Queens of the Stone Age Concert Shoe Incident

Next up is Rock in Rio in Lisbon in 2014. Some guy gives Josh the middle finger while he’s playing the QOTSA song Little Sister (Another incident during Little Sister! I guess some fans just can’t stand that song!). This is the result.

Josh Homme loses it and insults fan @ Rock in Rio Lisbon 2014

Finally at a show at The Hard Rock Cafe In 2003 this is what happens if you go a step further than simply throwing something, like try actually taking to the stage & see what happens! This guy gets on stage, stands up & is about to put his hand out to shake Josh’s when he gets his ass handed to him X10 as Josh launches him off the stage.. With Josh declaring, this is my fu*king stage!

Josh Homme - "This Is My F*cking Stage"

So if you’re ever at a QOTSA concert, keep your shoes on your feet, don’t give Josh the middle finger while he’s playing & don’t whatever you do attempt to mount the stage! Stick to those rules & you’ll be good to go.

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